FREE DELIVERY for orders over $100

We cater to fur mums and dads looking for healthy goodies for their fur babies.

We deliver fresh baked-to-order dog treats in an assortment of sizes anywhere Australia-wide.

We only source quality local ingredients which are yummy and smell delightful too. Our product range is free from bone meal, meat meal, fillers and preservatives. They are available in a range of grain-free, vegan or vegetarian varieties.

Are you tired of pet treat producers telling you how their treats are ‘scientifically formulated?

When all you want is good, natural, healthy treats for your fur baby without additives, fillers, artificial preservatives, or some formulated concoction from a science lab!

At Biki, our treats are simple and made from whole foods that come directly from Mother Nature. They are good for your fur baby because we don’t use preservatives, additives or fillers.

We use quality locally sourced ingredients for our dog treats

No fillers like bone meal or meat meal

Fresh Kent pumpkins in our grain-free and vegan treats

100% peanut paste with no added sugar

We only use locally sourced pure honey

Chickpea and normal flour, grown and milled in Western Australia

Yoghurt-based carob icing with natural food colouring