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Freshly baked to order preservative free dog treats

Our all-natural yummy treats are suitable for allergy sufferers, gentle on the tummy, and smell wonderfully delicious.

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Our biscuits are fresh and baked-to-order with varieties to suit your fur baby’s breed and allergy status.

100% Preservative free

Perfect for allergy sufferers

Helps keep the gut healthy

Vegetarian dog treats

Our vegetarian treats offer a nutritious and easily digestible alternative, while also supporting their dental health and weight management. They can be a wholesome and rewarding choice for our furry companions.

Easy to digest – Perfect for digestive issues

Soft texture – Great for older dogs with teeth issues

No Sugar – Guilt-free treats for fur babies

Long Lasting – Suitable for storage in the freezer

Vegan dog treats

Our unique grain and dairy-free vegan treats for dogs are a plant-based option that caters to their allergies, whilst promoting their health and happiness.

No Dairy – Perfect for doggies allergic to dairy

Allergen friendly – Safe for grain/meat sensitive dogs

No sugar – Guilt-free treats for fur babies

Long Lasting – Suitable for storage in the freezer

Grain free dog treats

Our grain-free treats are great for allergic dogs because they remove potential allergens like wheat, corn, and soy. This makes snacking safer and more enjoyable for our furry friends!

No Grain– Suitable for doggies allergic to grain

Special icing – Formulated to be safe and yummy

No sugar – Great for managing obesity issues

Long Lasting – Suitable for storage in the freezer

Why choose Biki Treats for your dog

Big variety of different flavours delivered in big and small-sized packs

We can accommodate requests for styles and cater to any occasion

Our treats are all-natural and suitable for young pups or older dogs.

Smell like people biscuits so no more odours in enclosed environments.

Fur baby fashion accessories

More than just yummy treats, we also make accessories that make your furbaby stand out

We offer a range of unique and exclusive fashion accessories for your fur baby that are great for any occasion. Be it a casual romp in the park or a formal high-tea, you can rest assured your fur baby will be sporting environmentally friendly accessories made from 100% cotton fabric.

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Special Offers

Receive a FREE monochrome slip-over collar bow tie for your dog when you spend over $50

* This offer ends 31 December 2022 (midnight AWST)

Our party cakes are grain free!

That means nasty allergies won’t stop your fur baby from going to the party!

Our party cake range is completely grain free and has the consistency of a light and fluffy sponge cake.  Young puppies and older dogs can enjoy the soft fluffy cake made with our famous chickpea flour base, eggs and pure honey.  Nothing else.  That makes it as good for your fur baby as it is yummy.

How do we get them so fluffy?  We make them souffle style!  No raising agents. Just fresh whipped eggs, dribbles of pure honey, and double-sifted chickpea flour. All folded through to make the most delicious and fluffy sponge cake.

* Party cakes available in Perth metro only